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The UK has now moved to the delay phase with regard to containing the Corona virus.  Numada Healthcare  are committed to ensuring that we keep all our residents, patients and staff as safe as possible and as a preventative measure we are asking visitors, including family members and friends, to minimise visits to our care homes until further notice. Therefore we are asking you to restrict your visits to immediate next of kin in order to keep your loved ones, and all our other residents, as safe as possible. We have not taken this decision lightly, and appreciate that this may cause some discomfort, but feel that this is a necessary step to take. If there is a situation that requires a non-routine visit we would ask that you discuss this with the manager of the service to ensure that the appropriate precautionary measures are taken to limit any potential risk.

We have in place strict hygiene regimes with regard to handwashing to support the prevention of infection and would ask that any visitors comply with these.

In addition, we are limiting visits overall, and visits from the local community and external entertainment are cancelled for the foreseeable future. Our staff will do all they can to ensure that life in our services remains as comfortable and sociable as possible. We will still ensure that vital medical visits are made, and will be sure that only visitors who are not displaying symptoms come in, and that they wash their hands on entering.

We would really appreciate your support with these measures, and please be reassured that we are closely following and complying with the Public Health authorities to ensure that we keep our residents and patients safe, and that our staff are supported to continue to deliver great care. In the unfortunate situation that we do have a case in one of our homes or hospitals we will need to stop all visiting completely and will inform you accordingly.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the manager of the service your loved one is in.

Thank you in advance for your patience and co-operation.